Weekly Update 0.53 Better fighting!

Another early update this week to get some bad bugs killed sooner rather than later. Highlight of the update is attack jobs have been reworked a bit.

(yes that cat eats some of the dog after it died)

Some animals will now fight you back when you try to kill them. Animals will now also flee if they are being attacked and do not want to fight back. The days of taking out bears with your fist and coming out without a scratch are over. Zims have also been given some more smarts. If they are being attacked while taking down a wall they will stop attacking the wall and defend themselves. People should now also be better about defending themselves when attacked.

We have some experimental new rock textures. We want to make the rocks/trees and some of the other older graphics more inline with our new styles so we are testing it out with rocks first. Let us know if you like them or think they are awful. They are probably going to change again, but I wanted to go ahead and get some change out there.

Lots of other small bug fixes and quality of life things have been added such as information showing what items are produced from items that produce things (toilets/fisheries). We have been slowly sneaking in other small tweaks that we have gotten feedback on from your guys.

Keep the feedback coming and feel free to leave us a Steam review letting us know how we are doing is the best way for us to improve.

Full(ish) Patch notes below


  • Added health bar for animals
  • Added more tooltips for objects that produce items
  • Added some panes to the tutorial explaining autopickup
  • Changed survivors to check for things they need to refill more often
  • Changed rock texture.
  • Changed a lot of logic behind attacking. Animals attack now. Everything is more responsive to attacks
  • Fixed bug that would mess up your jobs for everyone if someone had that job not allowed
  • Fixed words overflowing on waste menu
  • Fixed bug that would place creatures in the walls of your pasture zones.
  • Fixed bug that let lamps produce light even without any power
  • Fixed bug that would hide wires below structures
  • Fixed refuel jobs not taking as many items as they should. (this mainly hurt turrets having 1 ammo)
  • Fixed animals not having their proper health
  • Fixed clouds not moving when it is raining
  • Fixed potential crash when everyone is dead or you killed all the animals
  • Fixed complain/talk bubble going under the enviorment
  • Fixed clouds going under rocks
  • Fixed crafting jobs not getting the nearest item
  • Fixed pickup jobs remaining even after the item has been used elsewhere
  • Removed sound effect when a job cannot be completed after a survivor has already started it.

0.53.1Fixed zims thinking they are people and giving destroy jobs to them

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